Our Needs

How to be involved 


Your prayer is our strongest connection to the Lord. Let our prayers fill up the heaven for our missionaries that are ministering to prison to reach out for them that are in jail and see the Christ is our saviour. 

Bible Giving

Let your used bible give new life for Christ and be use as a vessel of blessing for the inmates to read and know more the life we live in Christ.

Please Note: 

If you send used bibles to us. Please remove all names, addresses, & etc. from inside the bible

Financial Support

Support in any means possible. We accept any form of help coming from you. From used bible to cash donation. We use the donation to fund our staff and expenses use for our ministries. Help us help lost souls to find the Lord

We solicit the prayers and financial support of Churches and individual Children of God to carry on this ministry of giving Bibles to prison Inmates across our land.  This ministry operates for the glory of God.  Our prayer is that our God will use it to place His Holy Word into the hands of prison Inmates across our land and that the Holy Spirit will use the Word of God to save Many, Many lost men and women in prisons.  We are thankful for your prayers, monthly financial support and generous love offering.

We buy new Bibles and materials and give them free of any charge to the Chaplains for the Prisoners.  There has been some Bibles given to us for which we are thankful to our Lord because it helps to increase the number of Bibles that we give.  If you feel led of God the give Bibles to the Prisoners Bible Crusade if possible send new bibles, although we will receive any soft back cover King James Version of God’s Word for Prisoners.

Please Note!  If you send used Bibles to us please remove all names, Addresses, & etc. from inside the Bibles.

We ask every child of God as you feel led of the Lord to help us with this part of the great commission that God has assigned to His churches, that is taking the Gospel of salvation found in God’s Holy Word behind prison walls.  Since most   of God’s children cannot go into the prisons we ask that you let us be your link to send the Word of God to a waiting Prisoner.